California Oil Spill

Author: EV Energy Map Analyst

Analysts with ABB’s Velocity Suite team are currently tracking an oil spill which is affecting four miles of shoreline in Santa Barbara County, California. The 21,000 gallon spill occurred Tuesday along a section of Plains All American Pipeline’s 24-inch Gaviota to Las Flores line which connects the Gaviota pump station to ExxonMobil’s oil separation and treatment plant at Las Flores Canyon. The All American pipeline system transports oil from Kern County to facilities in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, as well as delivering crude to terminals in San Pedro, Wilmington, and Carson. The incident occurs one year after a 10,000 gallon oil spill at a Plains All American pump station (not pictured).

SB Spill

Velocity Suite’s data visualization tools allow the user to take a closer look at situations like this one in Santa Barbara County. Utilizing EV Energy Map, we can easily determine the approximate location of the pipeline break. The affected coastline can be approximated by creating a four mile buffer around the breakage point, and mapped by creating a custom layer. We can also track affected oil transportation facilities using the Oil Facilities layer, which will be available later this year as part of a project currently underway to expand oil infrastructure data within EV Energy Map. As always, Contact Velocity Support with any questions or comments!


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