Energy Market Intelligence Workshop: New York

Author: ABB Advisors

ABB’s 2016 Energy Market Intelligence Workshop: New York is a full day focused on the North American energy markets, with a concentration on transmission and distributed energy resource management.

Title: Energy Market Intelligence Workshop: New York
Date: Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Location: The Roosevelt Hotel 45 East 45th Street New York, New York 10017

ABB’s Spring 2016 North American Power Reference Case is now available and we look forward to sharing the results, including the energy market forecast, at our workshop. We will discuss complexities across the North American power markets, with a special focus on intermittent energy resources and transmission. The workshop agenda will cover:

  • State of the North American Market
  • Fuels
  • The Business of Clean Power: The Intelligent Grid
  • Northeast HVDC and the Wheel
  • A History of North American Energy Market Influences
  • Environmentals
  • Renewables
  • Regional Power Markets

You can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the transformations in our markets. Data visualization tools developed by ABB’s Velocity Suite will make the story behind the data very interesting; expect to see maps and graphs presenting layers of data, in context, across geography. This workshop supports energy market modelers, portfolio planners, power marketers, and analysts, with tools to:

  • Evaluate energy market opportunities
  • Value power generation assets
  • Access independent and unbiased energy price forecasts
  • Increase confidence in investment decisions