First Annual White House Mapathon

Author: EV Energy Map Analyst

The Velocity Suite Goes to Washington.

The Velocity Suite is proud to be invited to the first annual White House Mapathon to be held on the White House Grounds in the Eisenhower Building on Thursday May 21st.

figure 1

Figure 1: Location of Eisenhower Building with respect to the White House building. Imagery provided by Google © 2015.

The event is being held to promote the importance of GIS and to encourage collaboration among the mapping and GIS communities. There will be trained GIS Professionals from both private and public sectors, “map enthusiasts”, first responders, the Red Cross and many others. Velocity Suite has been invited as the industry experts in the area of Electrical Service Utilities.

There will be three projects going on at the same time. Project one is an international task to map the unmapped areas of Nepal for relief efforts surrounding the recent earthquakes. Project two is to map trails in the National Parks so that first responders have good data to help stranded or injured hikers.

Velocity Suite will be working on the third project to create a comprehensive public map of utility attributes. The basic concept of the project is to compile utility data and put it into one central location. It will be an invaluable resource for the public and first responders in large scale disaster situations. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, tens of thousands of people were without power but there was no single location for FEMA and other disaster response agencies to find information on where to deploy resources.

The Velocity Suite was selected to attend based on our robust energy infrastructure data and integrated mapping capabilities. The Velocity Suite’s EV Intelligent Map allows users to create presentation quality maps with any of the 130 available energy layers or by importing outside data. Here are a few examples of maps that users can create in EV Energy Map or available as a downloadable QuickStat maps.

figure 2

Figure 2: Renewable Capacity Map ©ABB, The Velocity Suite 2015

This is a map of Renewable Power Plants that were expected to come online in 2014. This is an example of a map made in EV Energy Map using data from the EV Power product. Online dates and other attributes of new plants are tracked in EV Power’s New Entrants datasets.

figure 3

Figure 3: Coal Purchase Map ©ABB, The Velocity Suite 2015

In this map you can see coal purchases by power plants in the eastern United States. The coal data comes from the EV Fuels product. This map is a great example of how you can add charts to EV Energy Map using the Legend Designer tool. Click here to see the Legend Designer Tool Users Guide. If you are already an EV Energy Map subscriber, feel free to contact our client support department to set up a training.

figure 4

Figure 4: LMP with Constraints Map ©ABB, The Velocity Suite 2015

This map show both constraints and LMP prices in PJM on the date shown. The LMP pricing data comes from the EV Market Ops product and the constraints data comes from EV Transmission. This map highlights our Create Grid tool which allows you to create heat/contour maps of point data in the map. Heat maps are a great way to visualize data trends that are not apparent in spreadsheets or charts.

figure 5

Figure 5: CO2 Rates Map ©ABB, The Velocity Suite 2015

This map was created using data from the EV Power product as well as the renewables map in Figure 2 but instead of New Entrants data, it uses emissions data from our CEMS dataset.

The following two images are QuickStats maps and are downloadable as PDFs to EV Energy Map clients.

figure 6

Figure 6: Hurricane Sandy QuickStat Map ©ABB, The Velocity Suite 2015

Storm maps like these are updated on a daily basis during hurricane season. Atlantic Storm maps are available to both EV Energy Map and EV Weather subscribers.

figure 7

Figure 7: QuickStat Fire Map ©ABB, The Velocity Suite 2015

The Fire Map above is one page of a multipage report showing all active fires in North America. Much like Atlantic Storm Maps, these are updated on a frequent basis during fire season. These maps are available to EV Energy Map subscribers.

If you would like to learn more about any of the different products used to make the above maps please contact Velocity Suite support for a free product demonstration. Additionally, Velocity Suite conducts regular product trainings as well as map trainings. Contact support to sign up for one to help you learn more about our product.

If you want to learn more about any of the different products used to make the above maps, QuickStats maps, or anything else you see here, please feel free to Contact Velocity Support or if you want to learn more about ABB solutions including Velocity Suite, please visit this link:


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