Hanging Rock Transformer Fire

WSAZ News in Lawrence County, Ohio reported a transformer explosion at the Hanging Rock Energy Facility just before 1 am on the morning of February 9th. Hanging Rock is a 1252 MW combined cycle natural gas-fired power plant owned by Duke Energy and operated by Dynegy.

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This power plant ties directly into the Hanging Rock substation (above image; lower right) which interconnects five separate 765 kV electric transmission lines owned by American Electric Power Co Inc., Kentucky power Co., Ohio Power Co., and Appalachian Power Co.

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Despite the size of the explosion, there were no reported outages in the area. LMP generator real time prices pulled from the Real Time & Day Ahead LMP Pricing – Hourly dataset show no price spikes during the actual event. The Velocity Suite team will update this chart with more data as it becomes available in order to understand any impact on price in the hours after the event.
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Charles Gould – Content Manager – GIS