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A New Way to Access the Velocity Suite Database

Author: Velocity Suite Power Markets Analyst

Velocity Suite is constantly adding and updating tools to assist in the analysis of energy markets. One tool that can be utilized is a query generation tool called Query Scheduling and Linking (QSL). The QSL tool can be opened in Velocity Suite by selecting Query Scheduling and Linking from the Tools dropdown menu.

The QSL tool functions as a control panel to configure direct access to query results outside of the Velocity Suite. Once queries have been uploaded to My Queries in the QSL tool, they can be scheduled to run at specific times, with specific recurrence schedules, and with customizable output formatting. Data results can be accessed in two ways – by generating a URL for use as an external data source within programs such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI and/or by having links and query results delivered via email.

3 Windows 3 Views

The QSL tool allows users to view and manage queries saved in the My Queries view and create custom schedules for when and how results are produced. When adding a new scheduled job, users can designate a time and date for the delivery of updated results via email and designate a recurrence schedule to run any number of queries at daily, weekly, monthly, or annual intervals.

Recurrence Box

Ad-hoc, and automatically scheduled job results can be emailed to users and distribution lists in a variety of formats. Additionally, users have the option to run multiple queries with differently formatted results to be compiled in one email. Query results can be loaded and waiting in an inbox when users log into their emails in the morning. Want the last full day of LMP prices emailed to you every morning? Prefer to load data in Excel for easy manipulation? Want several queries each in their own tab in Excel? Now all this can be done and more.

Output Formatting _WeatherEnhPower 1

The QSL tool can be used to generate a URL which allows for direct access to results sets through a variety of software other than the Velocity Suite and URLs can be emailed or generated on demand within the QSL tool. These URLs can link queries to other applications such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI.

Data Service Links

Excel External Link Settings 3 Windows

Using the QSL tool in combination with Microsoft Excel and Task Scheduler allows users to automatically retrieve query results with the most recent and updated data without having to log into the Velocity Suite. By setting Excel to refresh data connections when opening the file, Task Scheduler can be set up to automatically open the specific file, refreshing any linked queries at a desired time specified in Task Scheduler.

Task Scheduler

Like the rest of the Velocity Suite, Query Scheduling and Linking (QSL) comes with phenomenal customer support to assist in using the tool for analysis. To learn more about this new tool and how to use it please see our Query Scheduling and Linking User Guide within the Velocity Suite document library or Contact Velocity Support.


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