Market Forecasting and Analysis

ABB’s electric power and fuel price forecasting solutions are used by market participants, financial institutions, and regulators as the basis for strategic investment and operational decisions. Our forecasting tools offer a comprehensive solution for fundamental market modeling, short- and long-term forecasting of energy market prices, capacity prices, fuel consumption, future capital investment and locational marginal prices. Our forecasting solutions allow customers to quickly develop custom scenarios for analysis.

Benefits and Capabilities

Key benefits include:

  • Dedicated market research team constantly updating and improving our simulation database
  • Software solutions relying on industry accepted algorithms to model power markets all over the world, backed by our advisory team’s detailed knowledge of regional markets and data
  • Independently produced reference cases that integrate power, fuel, and environmental markets to provide 25-year price forecasts for commodity prices and capital investment

ABB offers industry-leading power market simulation solutions, which incorporate extensive details in generating unit operating characteristics, transmission grid topology and constraints, security constrained unit commitment and economic dispatch, operating conditions and market systems operations. Algorithms can be exercised for nodal or zonal locational marginal price (LMP) forecasting, CRR / FTR valuations, and transmission congestion analysis. Our software users are able to stay abreast of market trends and incorporate them into their planning and strategic analysis.

Key capabilities include:

  • Examining the economic viability of transmission investment opportunities taking into account transmission congestion, fuel costs, generator availability, bidding behavior, and future load growth
  • Analyzing complexities and risks associated with transmission access to plant locations, power contracts, and unit production costs
  • Forecasting hourly energy prices, capacity prices, unit generation, revenues and fuel consumption, bus-bar and zonal energy market prices, external market transactions, transmission flows and congestion prices
  • Deploying an hourly chronological dispatch algorithm that minimizes costs (or bids) while simultaneously adhering to a wide variety of operating constraints
  • Making better, more consistent decisions against both financial and regulatory criteria using price and capital investment forecasting, planning and asset valuation software and services.
  • Evaluate capacity mothballing, expansion, and retirement alternatives based on economic analysis
  • Improving regulatory compliance reporting

Energy markets have converged. Analysts need the ability to quickly evaluate the activities of market participants and industry dynamics across commodities. Energy professionals need more than just accurate data – they need powerful analytical tools that can help them quickly find the answers to complex and data intensive industry problems. ABB is a market leader in energy market planning and analytics.

Our Market Forecasting and Analysis Solutions

For more information on ABB’s software solutions for market forecasting and analysis, see the individual product brochures:

  • PROMOD IV – Nodal and zonal power market price forecasting, generation analysis, fundamental market modeling, and economic transmission planning
  • Market AnalyticsZonal power market price forecasting, generation analysis and fundamental market modelling
  • Nostradamus – Short term demand and price forecasting