New Prime Mover: The Allam Cycle

The Velocity Suite recently introduced a new Prime Mover to the database called the Allam Cycle (AC). Named after its inventor, Rodney Allam, a 76 year-old British chemical engineer and partner at 8 Rivers Capital LLC, the Allam Cycle is unique in that it utilizes carbon dioxide to spin a turbine as opposed to compressed natural gas or steam.

NET Power (click to enlarge)
Functioning as a near-closed loop system, fuel (natural gas or gasified coal) is combined with pure oxygen and carbon dioxide where it is combusted. The resulting mixture of CO2 and water exists in a high-pressure, supercritical state, meaning it can expand like a gas, yet has the density of a liquid. The CO2 then moves through a specialized turbine to generate electricity. Spent CO2 is recycled back to the combustion chamber through a series of separators and heat exchangers where it then repeats the process. Excess CO2 is transported via pipeline for use in applications such as enhanced oil recovery; no CO2 or particulates are released to the atmosphere.
The NET Power La Porte Station, the demonstration plant for the Allam Cycle, is currently under construction and will be located at 11426 West Fairmont Parkway, LaPorte, TX 77571. CenterPoint Energy Houston Electric LLC and NET Power LLC filed an ERCOT Standard Generation Interconnection Agreement (SGIA) with the Texas Public Utility Commission which proposes that the project will interconnect to the grid at the Mirage Substation. The most recent EIA Electric Power Monthly report from April 2017 shows an anticipated operations date of February 2018.
David Kelly – Content Analyst – Power