Now available: Fall 2017 North American Power Reference Case

ABB’s 25-year electricity and fuel price forecast


About the North American Power Reference Case

Twice a year, ABB produces a fundamental analysis of the North American electricity market. This analysis, called the North American Power Reference Case, considers current and projected new resources; resource retirements; fuel prices; transmission limits and losses; operations and seam issues in neighboring markets; and hourly loads. It includes a fundamental base forecast of market clearing prices, which are comprised of hourly, monthly and annual prices for the 25-year study period. A market-based, fundamental model of North American power, gas, coal and environmental markets, the North American Power Reference Case accounts for the interdependency of these markets and provides forecasts based on consistent economic assumptions. Reference Cases and market databases are also available for Europe and the Middle East and Asia-Pacific.

Watch this brief video explaining the Power Reference Case and it’s methodology (6 minutes, 12 seconds).



Mexico Reference Case

ABB produces an analysis of the CENACE electric market twice a year. It is developed using ABB’s PROMOD electric market simulation tool, ABB Ability™ Velocity Suite data and ABB’s e7 Capacity Expansion, a cost-based, optimal long-term resource planning tool that considers resource additions, retirement, refurbishment and changes in operations.

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