Oil Pipeline Financials in the Velocity Suite

Three new datasets have recently been added to the Velocity Suite. These datasets (Comparative Balance Sheet, Statement of Income and Statement of Cash Flow) provide detailed oil pipeline financial information extracted from FERC’s Form 6. Form 6 data is comprised of publicly reported information from oil pipeline carriers with annual operating revenues exceeding $500,000. Companies with annual revenues greater than $350,000 but less than $500,000 for each of the previous three fiscal years are exempt from Form 6 filings.
Form 6 data can be used to compare revenues, income, gain/loss, and cash flow amongst various pipeline companies in the industry.

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Form 6 data can also be used to view cash flow from investing activities; an important aspect of growth and capital for pipeline carriers. A prime example of cash flows from investing activities includes the purchase of fixed assets. The below chart illustrates differences in capital expenditures by competing pipelines for the period 2011-2015.

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Data is available both quarterly and annually in the Form 6 datasets. Quarterly data is made available 70 days after a respective quarter’s end, while annual data is filed by April 18th of the following calendar year and made publicly available shortly thereafter (companies have the option to file for an extension).
Additional balance sheet items list current assets, liabilities, tangible property and stockholder equity as well as ancillary data including income from continuing operations, taxes and miscellaneous charges.
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John Aagesen – Energy Analyst – Power