Pascagoula Accident – How Pipelines are Responding

Author: Velocity Suite Fuels Analyst
With the recent explosion that occurred at the Pascagoula Processing Plant on June 27th, operations have ceased and pipeline operators have altered their means of transporting gas to customers in order to fulfill contractual commitments.
Pascagoula Route Map ABB
Destin Pipeline provided Pascagoula with average deliveries of ~125,000 Dth/d over the past year leading up to the accident.
Destin Deliveries - Pascagoula ABB
The plant’s shutdown saw Destin curtailing deliveries to both its Pascagoula and Florida Gas Transmission interconnections while re-routing supply gas through the neighboring Viosca Knoll Gathering System (VKGS) located offshore.
Destin Deliveries vs Receipts ABB
Using the VKGS as an intermediary, Destin has been able to transfer volumes upwards of 380,000 Dth/d to High Point Gas Transmission (HPGT) and Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line (Transco), alleviating imbalance issues. Traditional flow paths are expected to be re-established once operations at Pascagoula resume.
VKGS Deliveries vs Receipts - Update ABB
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