Pipeline Operations Analyst

Author: Velocity Suite Natural Gas Analyst

The Pipeline Operations Analyst is a new Virtual Analyst available through the EV Fuels product of the Velocity Suite which provides users an interactive visualization of natural gas pipeline activity within the North American continent. This analyst is an excellent tool for providing a large-scale, generalized view of flow point information along with location data, historical and present utilization and regional gas prices.

POPA Point Info2
Figure 1: Pipeline Operations Analyst – Flow Detail

Selected flows offer info such as primary point types, interconnecting entities and volumetric data. Data for these flow point “snapshots” is mined from the EV Fuels – Operationally Available Capacity Enhanced dataset and is displayed in a condensed, simplified format.

POPA Daily Flow2
Figure 2: Pipeline Operations Analyst – Charting Daily Flow and Utilization

POPA ICE Hub Prices2
Figure 3: Pipeline Operations Analyst – ICE Hub Pricing

Charts are available for displaying monthly and daily flows and capacity utilization by cycle through a series of line and radar charts. In addition, pricing from all primary active Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) hubs is provided as a tool for viewing correlations between natural gas prices and scheduled pipeline volumes. These charts are valuable for seeing historical volatilities in the gas industry due to seasonal effects and periods of high consumer demand.

<POPA Pipeline Notices2
Figure 4: Pipeline Operations Analyst – Pipeline Notices

A pipeline’s color denotes the various notices (alerts, constraints, force majeures, etc.) a pipeline is or will be experiencing. Clicking the pipeline will open a window with the type of notice issued as well as a link to its full description as provided by the pipeline operator (see below).

Figure 5: ABB Velocity Suite – Pipeline Notice Detail

Gaining access to the Pipeline Operations Analyst requires a license in both EV Fuels and the EV Energy Map products. We’re very excited with the rollout of this tool and believe it will be a valuable aid for analysis of the natural gas industry!


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