PROMOD’s 40th Year

Evolution of ABB’s industry-standard electric market simulation solution.

Author: ABB Advisors

PROMOD is turning the big 4-0 on December 11! With its birth as a commercial software product, PROMOD was limited to modeling a single utility to support portfolio decision making. Today, the solution is capable of modeling entire energy markets to support a wide variety of analysis from transmission valuation to environment compliance.

With the first client signed back in 1975, PROMOD has gone through a series of innovations to stay relevant. Back then, PROMOD was just a stack of punch cards that were fed into an IBM mainframe. Today, it has its largest client base ever and a newly refreshed user interface, backend SQL Server database, and completely updated C# engine. With all of those updates, some would say PROMOD just took a drink from the fountain of youth.

About PROMOD®:

PROMOD is the premier integrated electric generation and transmission market simulation system. PROMOD is recognized in the industry for its flexibility and breadth of technical capability, incorporating extensive details in generating unit operating characteristics and constraints, transmission constraints, generation analysis, unit commitment/operating conditions, and market system operations.

For over 40 years, energy firms have been using PROMOD for a variety of applications that include locational marginal price (LMP) forecasting, financial transmission right (FTR) valuation, environmental analysis, asset valuations (generation and transmission), transmission congestion analysis, and purchased power agreement evaluations.

For more information visit the PROMOD website.