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Better intelligence. Better decisions.

Good business decisions require good intelligence. Energy executives, planners and analysts constantly evaluate energy markets to understand the effects of tightening regulations, resource constraints, market volatility and environmental pressures. But with the complex nature of today’s energy markets, the process of gathering, modeling and analyzing data, to produce good intelligence, is a monumental, resource-intensive task. What they need is a trusted advisor with tested models and rigorous data to help them analyze changes in the energy market and assess risks to their portfolio.

ABB Energy Market Intelligence is the only solution that delivers:

  • Accurate and complete data sources with advanced modeling used to fill gaps and correct inaccurate and missing data
  • Highly sophisticated simulation models incorporating comprehensive details of generating unit operating characteristics, transmission grid topology and constraints, and market system rules and operations
  • Experienced team of industry and technology experts to analyze data, produce forecasts and advise on market decisions

Energy companies and other stakeholders in the market rely on the Energy Market Intelligence solution for:

  • Improved decision making through more accurate intelligence
  • Defensible forecasting methodology for an independent, unbiased analysis which is accepted by regulators, lenders, and investors
  • Optimal use of generation and/or transmission assets, better trading decisions and lower market risks due to improved market analysis
  • Internally consistent pricing across all energy commodities due to a model that incorporates the dynamic relationships between commodities
  • Focus on analysis instead of data gathering and building forecasts

Over 200 clients worldwide make decisions that drive today’s energy markets based on ABB Energy Market Intelligence, including:

  • 19 of Top 20 US Generators
  • 19 of Top 20 Retail Providers
  • 13 of Top 15 Wind Developers
  • 8 of Top 10 Coal Producers
  • All 7 US Independent System Operators


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