Fuel Advisory Services

ABB provides Fuel Advisory – complete fuels fundamental analysis, fuel risk planning, hedging, and fuel project development services to meet the needs of clients with the most up-to-date analysis of fuel market fundamentals, prices and how they are formed internationally.

Fuel Advisory Services Features

This unique, and powerful service includes several components, including:

  • Fundamental analysis of supply and demand, expected gas market prices, infrastructure, and market uncertainty for 36 competitive natural gas price zones
  • Forecasts  of long-term supply and demand fundamentals, expected coal market prices, infrastructure, and transportation constraints for major North American coal basins
  • Global regional demand and supply for 24 oil producing export regions
  • Projection of the rationing of LNG supply across each international market
  • Simulation of emissions control decisions and results simultaneously in three cap and trade markets (SO2, NOx, and Hg)

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