European Simulation Ready Data

ABB offers two unique, subscription-based databases for the European power markets: Standard Market Databases and the Reference Case Market Databases.  Simulation ready datasets are available for use in price forecasting and market simulations in ABB’s Market Analytics software, or on a stand-alone basis for use in our clients’ own tools.

Standard Market Databases

Standard Market Databases, which provide a detailed snapshot of the current market environment, enable clients to perform short-run marginal cost simulations and add their own forecast assumptions. These databases include:

  • Hourly load shape for each transmission area
  • General resource data by unit (e.g. unit name, ownership details, location, existing capacity and fuel type)
  • Unit physical and dynamic characteristics (e.g. maximum and minimum capacities, heat rates and efficiencies, minimum up, minimum down times, ramp rates, start costs as well as energy values and reservoir values for hydro and pumped storage stations)
  • Outages (maintenance rates and forced outage rates)
  • Emission data (e.g. CO2 rates, emission removal factors)
  • Operating costs (e.g. Variable O&M)
  • Online/offline dates for plants that are currently under construction or retirement
  • Transmission data (e.g. Interconnector capacities)
  • Plant running regimes or parameters that specify the operational regimes (e.g. must-run, peak, or economic dispatch)

Reference Case Market Databases

Reference Case Market Databases include all the Standard Database information, but also include a 25 year market and price forecast.  These databases are calibrated against actual market prices (where available) and include ABB Advisors’ independent view on forecast bidding behaviour, plant mix changes, fuel price forecasts and load assumptions, including forecasts of:

  • Electricity demand growth
  • Interconnector extension, online assumptions
  • CO2 allowance price forecast
  • Fuel price forecasts (oil, natural gas, coal, etc.)
  • Capacity expansion plan assumptions

ABB’s unique set of detailed fundamental data for the European market represents years of research, documentation and testing of the data for market simulation purposes. The research data is coupled with ABB’s own internally developed data; a result of over 15 years of experience in modeling liberalising energy markets worldwide.  The dataset is extensively used by ABB’s own consultants for consulting engagements and by our software clients, meaning that this data is not just a collection of data items, but a tried-and-tested, simulation ready dataset.

Market databases are currently available for EU power markets, and many EU accession countries, including central and southeastern Europe, plus Turkey.

More Information

Please contact ABB for further details about our subscription-based databases for the European power markets.