EV Fuels

Today’s fuel supply market is a complex web of cause, effect, and interdependencies.  One coal producer’s revenue depends on the price of natural gas. Emissions data in one sector directly affects pricing in another. With EV Fuels, traders, analysts, project planners, and utilities can see beyond siloed views of the coal and gas sectors for a comprehensive, integrated perspective on market activity that can help them understand pricing and production trends, assess the competitive landscape, and make smarter purchasing and resource allocation decisions.

Sample EV Fuels Data Analysis

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EV Fuels | ABB Energy Market Intelligence
EV Fuels | ABB Energy Market Intelligence

EV Fuels | ABB Energy Market Intelligence

EV Fuels | ABB Energy Market Intelligence

How You Can Use EV Fuels

  • Monitor daily scheduled pipeline flows across the US and Canada by pipeline, point, or interconnecting party.
  • Track the US coal market from the supply and demand sectors.
  • Track the level of gas in storage at a specific facility and monitor the average daily net change.
  • Benchmark against the competition to maximize profits on coal sales and purchases.
  • Verify who owns firm capacity on a pipeline, which organization purchased that capacity in the release markets, and the percentage of tariff paid.
  • Perform in depth transportation analyses from the coal mine to the electric plants, including detailed component breakdowns of pricing and mileage.
  • Check on the current reported natural gas production by basin.
  • Determine how a proposed project will affect the gas transportation market.

Key Features

Transportation and Storage Firm CustomersQuickly generate graphs illustrating firm transportation and storage contract market share, as well as contract expiration rollover of a gas pipeline or customer.

Coal Production Analyst Compare production and productivity information for two entities such as mines, coal companies, and regions using data from MSHA quarterly production reports.

Derived Operationally Available Capacity DatasetsAccess the following eight datasets to enrich your analysis:  Daily Natural Gas Production: Gulf of Mexico Gas Flow; Daily Storage Capacity; Daily LNG Sendout; Daily Gas Import/Export; Daily Regional Hub Report; Daily Power Plant Demand; and Daily Natural Gas Demand by Customer Type.

Coal Shipment Report AnalystAnalyze detailed coal shipment data from the consumer and supplier perspectives.

Pipeline NoticesMonitor notices for unplanned outages and severe issues as well as planned service outages.

Coal Supply Profile AnalystResearch coal transactions between selected plants and mines.

Estimated Coal Stockpile AnalystReview detailed coal stockpile data at the plant, operator, and holding company levels and aggregate data by state, NERC region, or NERC subregion.

Spot Price Basis and Spark Spread AnalystCompare two gas or power price series, and analyze gas versus power prices by setting a heat rate for the conversion of gas to electricity.

QuickStats Access the latest data on the top-50 coal producers, major US coal mines, coal generation and fuel prices, coal deliveries by basin, and new/expired/amended gas contracts. 

Primary EV Fuels Data Sources

Pipeline Websites

  • Operational capacity
  • Capacity release
  • Pipeline notices
  • Current effective rates


  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual industry statistics
  • Index of customers
  • Natural Gas Monthly


  • Quarterly coal production, violations and citations, and mine accident and injury

ICAP United Inc.

  • Daily trades

ABB proprietary research