EV Grid Map

Whether you are planning for 10 years from now or preparing for the day ahead market, you need the ability to interpret your model results to make sound decisions. With EV Grid Map, you can visualize bus-level simulation data, locate buses and branches at their exact geospatial location, and create data-rich heat maps to pinpoint high prices and identify constraints on the grid.

EV Grid Map also equips you with the data and capabilities to examine forecasted model results alongside historical LMP prices, flowgates, FTR portfolios, proposed generation and transmission projects, and more — presented in a dynamic visual display that yields a fresh perspective and new insight into your most pressing questions.

Sample EV Grid Map Data Analysis

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EV Grid Map | ABB Energy Market Intelligence EV Grid Map | ABB Energy Market Intelligence
EV Grid Map | ABB Energy Market Intelligence

How You Can Use EV Grid Map

  • Use our highly accurate bus locations to determine the best injection point for new generating units.
  • Overlay old and new powerflow models to see anticipated changes to the grid.
  • Generate visual representations of nodal forecast models.
  • Find connections between transmission congestion and LMP prices.
  • Easily generate colored heat maps for streamlined analysis and compelling presentations.
  • Create time series animations of changes in pricing data.

Key Features

  • Bus/Branch VisualizationAnalyze highly accurate representations of buses and branches from the most recent power flow cases.
  • EV Energy Map Integration Access electric, natural gas, and ISO infrastructure data from EV Energy Map to enrich your analysis.

Primary EV Grid Map Data Sources

WECC, ERCOT, MMWG, and Ventyx proprietary research

  • WECC, ERCOT, and MMWG power flow buses and branches map layers
  • Buses, branches, and transformers datasets
  • Power flow bus relationships to units and transmission zones