EV Power

Decision makers in the electric industry need the ability to identify and monitor sector-wide trends and track causes and impacts at the regional, plant, and even asset levels. EV Power can help you analyze the power market as an integrated whole and understand the role of individual IOUs, generation and transmission cooperatives, distribution cooperatives, municipal utilities, non-regulated market participants, and generating assets. It delivers key insights that support competitive analysis, performance benchmarking, pricing estimates and analysis, and project planning — at virtually any level of detail.

Sample EV Power Data Analysis

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EV Power | ABB Energy Market Intelligence EV Power | ABB Energy Market Intelligence
EV Power | ABB Energy Market Intelligence EV Power | ABB Energy Market Intelligence

How You Can Use EV Power

  • Benchmark your organization against the competition to see if you’re more efficient and how you are performing financially.
  • Track the development of capacity changes to the market from the earliest planning stages through project completion or cancellation.
  • Analyze key operational and financial metrics for electric retail sales activity.
  • Isolate operational and maintenance cost data at a company or plant level.
  • Evaluate trends in renewable generation/capacity growth.
  • Monitor the development of new and the operation of existing emission controls.
  • Research the cause, duration, and impact of nuclear plant outages.

Key Features

Supply Curve AnalystAccess modeled historical and forecast supply curves for a given region, and tailor your view by importing custom fuel costs, emission costs, and other data.

Spot Price Basis and Spark Spread AnalystCompare gas and power price series data and refine your analysis by setting a heat rate for the conversion of gas to electricity.

Power Plant Report AnalystView a data-rich display of grids, charts, and maps built from multiple data sources, and analyze  all available data about a power plant in one formatted report.

New Entrants Report AnalystTrack any increase or decrease in capacity to the market for a breakdown of activity, including details such as generator manufacturer, project timelines, power purchase contracts, and all reference notes found by the staff related to the project.

Regional Report AnalystAnalyze industry trends in the region of your choice, including data on the biggest owners of operating and planned capacity, fuel mixes, and largest plants by fuel type, and prices.
QuickStatsPerform quick on-demand queries on a wide spectrum of electric and market price data, from retail electric sales to new entrants’ projects to the largest regional generators.

Primary EV Power Data Resources


  • Quarterly and annual financials


  • Monthly and annual industry statistics

Independent System Operators

  • Current unit assignments, capacity, and interconnections queues


  • Daily trades

ABB proprietary research