EV Transmission

An in-depth understanding of the grid is essential to making high-stakes decisions within complex energy markets. Knowing the location and history of constraints on the system is a key to the success of your analysis. Analysts, planners, and operational personnel also need the latest information on scheduled and emergency transmission outages to complete the picture. EV Transmission is the industry’s premier source for accurate and reliable transmission data, providing a broad view of constraints, outages, and flows in the day-ahead and real-time markets. We help users translate difficult–to-use transmission data to the physical elements of the grid, so they can see important connections and make sense of the drivers of congestion and high prices in today’s energy markets.

Sample EV Transmission Data Analysis

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EV Transmission | ABB Energy Market Intelligence EV Transmission | ABB Energy Market Intelligence
EV Transmission | ABB Energy Market Intelligence RESEND_EV_Transmission_Path_VA

How You Can Use EV Transmission

  • Analyze planned outages and how they affect markets.
  • View binding constraints and their effect on LMP.
  • Review historical trends in congestion and price.
  • Understand relationships between outages and constraints.

Key Features

Mapping of Transmission InfrastructureUnderstand how transmission facilities map to a physical line or substation in EV Energy Map and to a bus or branch from the NERC Powerflow models.

Transmission Path Analyst View on-demand graphics for hourly transmission flows and limits.

QuickStats Access the latest data on ISO scheduled outages (including next day, 7 days out, and 30 days out) and monthly net scheduled flows and interchange.

Primary EV Transmission Data Resources

Independent System Operators, NERC, and ABB proprietary research

  • Scheduled and actual transmission outages for ISO markets
  • ISO Binding constraints and NERC transmission loading relief (TLR) events
  • Hourly transmission flow for North American ISO markets and regional balancing authorities
  • Complete transmission infrastructure integrated into EV Energy Map