FTR Trader

FTR Trader delivers unparalleled insight into congestion hedging data from all ISOs at virtually any level of detail.  Day to day changes in portfolio and path results can be difficult to monitor, but FTR Trader simplifies the task through specialized datasets focusing on market results, clearing prices, day ahead settlements, and participant attributes.  It also allows you to review trading and result patterns by season, region, and portfolio. FTR Trader includes features for in-depth analysis of path performance, risk, performance groupings, time-series based trends, and other facets of congestion hedging.

Sample FTR Trader Data Analysis

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FTR Trader | ABB Energy Market Intelligence FTR Trader | ABB Energy Market Intelligence
FTR Trader | ABB Energy Market Intelligence FTR Trader | ABB Energy Market Intelligence

How You Can Use FTR Trader

  • Track potential path and portfolio performance on an hourly, daily, monthly, seasonal, and auction-by-auction timeframe.
  • Quickly calculate the current and forward value of trades.
  • Determine the most profitable paths ranked by net value, return on investment, and risk factors.
  • Identify the largest traders in the market and their net positions.
  • See which paths are traded the most and at the highest premium.
  • Monitor competitor portfolio performance and strategy.

Key Features

FTR Market Results AnalystAnalyze the historic performance of FTR positions, current participant portfolios, and the value of portfolio holdings.

FTR Valuation AnalystDevelop a path-level analysis for any combination of nodes reporting clearing prices, including data such as monthly and hourly reports, clearing price comparison by market, and settled value analytics over time.

FTR Portfolio ManagerCreate a customized, hypothetical portfolio for analysis and testing.

QuickStats and Market ReportsAccess detailed data on estimated funding adequacy, pricing trends, historic paths, project values, and top holding companies.

Monthly Valuation – Review data for all market types for normalization across results.

Managed Model Updates Track name changes, reassignments, and new nodes as new models become active in each ISO.

Primary FTR Trader Data Sources

Independent System Operators : PJM, MISO, CAISO, SPP, ERCOT, NYISO, and ISONE

  • Obligation and option market results from all ISOs and all auctions
  • Path and nodal clearing prices
  • Calculated settlement values from energy market results
  • Supplemental bid data and binding constraints
  • ISO calendars
  • ISO market participant reports