Power Transactions

Power Transactions mapping, isolation, and aggregation tools can dramatically improve business decisions across all stages of market participation and analytics. FERC Electric Quarterly Reports (EQRs) are an under-utilized and often misunderstood component of the energy industry.  But in-depth analyses of these complex reports can provide unparalleled discovery into current, future, and historic power purchase agreements.

EQRs can provide a new level of wholesale market transparency around energy, capacity, and ancillary transactions.  These quarterly, monthly and hourly filings contain a wealth of data on contractual terms and conditions between respondents, buyers, and sellers.

Key Power Transactions Features

EQR Contracts – Research quarter by quarter contractual details including buyer, seller, product, executed date, rate description and terms.

EQR Transactions – Access hourly, daily, monthly, and quarterly transactional data, including buyer, seller, product, point of delivery, and rate and quantity detail.

EQR Transaction Virtual Analyst – Get a summary of all respondent, seller, buyer, balancing authority, and EQR product activity.

Point of Delivery Analysis Tools – Review reports and summaries based on transaction point of delivery, with delivery points linked to price nodes, substations, balancing authorities, and trading hubs for enhanced market transparency.

QuickStats – Generate on-demand queries on key EQR transactions and contracts, including the top 50 EQR buyers and sellers, monthly summaries of wind transactions, and quarterly summaries of energy sales and by ISO regions.

Advanced Mapping – Create comprehensive balancing authority, NERC region and subregion, and point of delivery specific locations maps with prices and quantities.

Sample Power Transactions Data Analysis

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Power Transactions Geographic Coverage | ABB Energy Market Intelligence Power Transactions Hourly Wind Transaction Chart | ABB Energy Market Intelligence
Power Transactions EQR Transaction Analyst | ABB Energy Market Intelligence

How You Can Use Power Transactions Data Analysis

  • Benchmark your PPAs against competitors in the same market area.
  • Calculate hourly, daily, monthly, and seasonal renewable revenue for renewable energy plants.
  • Review historical trends associated with power transactions by fuel type.
  • Monitor and assess regional energy and ancillary services market sales.
  • Identify the price for power delivered to different balancing authority areas.
  • Evaluate the EQRs data from the respondent, seller, and buyer’s perspectives.
  • Analyze EQR transactions from the unit and plant points of view.

Primary Power Transactions Data Sources

FERC Electric Quarterly Reports (EQRs) and ABB proprietary research

  • Summarized contractual terms and conditions for jurisdictional services, including market-based power sales, cost-based power sales, and transmission service
  • Transaction information for short-  and long-term market-based and cost-based power sales
  • Detailed power purchased agreements with prices
  • Comprehensive ancillary services data
  • Reported hourly transaction quantities and prices, including renewables and natural gas respondents