Asia Pacific Reference Cases

Asia Pacific Market Forecasting

The dynamic nature of power markets across Asia Pacific means market participants and investors are often facing market restructuring, plant mix changes and analytical challenges associated with rapid demand growth.

ABB’s global advisory team is able to apply and supply its Asia Pacific market modelling tools and experience in modelling global liberalizing power markets to forecast the key drivers of these markets, produce market price forecasts and perform investment and scenario analysis to support asset investment.

In Asia, we tailor our services and solutions to meet each client’s unique issues and requirements.  For more information on the products and services we provide in Asia Pacific, please contact us.

ABB Power Reference Cast Reports

ABB’s power electricity and fuel price forecast, the Power Reference Case reports, has been the industry standard since the dawn of competitive power markets and is used by market participants, financial institutions, and regulators as the basis for strategic investment and operational decisions in North America and Europe.  The reports also include forecast prices for carbon and other emission allowances as well as renewable energy credits; renewable electric capacity additions; conventional electric capacity additions, retrofits, and retirements; and transmission system upgrades.

Many of our clients want their own assumptions and data included in the analysis, and we work with clients on a collaborative basis to produce alternative scenarios and sensitivities advisory.  For example, by aligning our Reference Case forecast with our client’s corporate views on fuel price projections, through to a hands-on detailed assessment of the market positioning of a particular power station unit to assist fuel budgeting, investment planning or bidding strategy.

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