North American Reference Case

ABB produces the North American Reference Case, a fundamental analysis of the North American electric market twice a year. It is developed using the PROMOD Electric Market Simulation tool, Velocity Suite data and proprietary Integrated Model, which is a market-based, fundamental model of North American power, gas, coal and environmental markets, which accounts for the interdependency of these markets and provides forecasts based on consistent economic assumptions.

The North American Reference Case considers current and projected new resources; transmission limits and losses; operations and seam issues in neighboring markets; and hourly loads. It includes a fundamental base forecast of Market Clearing Prices, which are comprised of hourly, monthly and annual prices for the 25 year study period for 73 transmission zones across North America. Reports are published for 129 transmission zones across the United States , Canada and Mexico.

Why the North American Reference Case

Whether building a new generation asset, providing financing for new generation, considering entry into a new market, or any other major capital decision, the need for comprehensive market intelligence and accurate forecasts is critical.  But energy is a complex industry, with volatile fuel and energy prices, ever-changing regulations, environmental pressures and rapidly increasing demand.

The data gathering, forecasting and analysis required to make strategic investment and operational decisions, requires an enormous amount of resources and expertise. And, often times, this analysis needs to be independent and unbiased.  Market participants, financial institutions and regulators require an integrated forecast model to help them value assets, evaluate market opportunities and increase confidence in investments.

Sample North American Reference Case Analysis

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North American Reference Case Analysis | ABB Energy Market Intelligence





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