Toolkit for Renewable Energy Developers

We’ve gathered the data you need for renewable energy development.

To build, buy or otherwise invest in renewable assets, you need to research existing infrastructure, historical and forecast pricing near potential locations. You need time to analyze the effects of renewable integration, impacts of congestion, natural gas fluctuations and transmission constraints. You must quantify risk in order to navigate the dynamic markets. And when the time comes to secure financing, you need tools that give you the ability to visually and numerically communicate your analysis.

We offer complete, accurate and continuously updated, off-the-shelf, investment grade data to begin your analysis today. Need an engine to run your analyses? Look to our powerful analytics software. And if you need an extra set of hands, we have a staff of consultants with deep industry knowledge, ready to provide you with historical and forecast site screening analysis, Nodal (LMP) valuation, integrated resource planning and more.



  • Assess and develop resource planning – Video
  • Visualize energy infrastructure and market data – Video
  • Capacity Expansion – Brochure

Quantify Risk

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