The Gold Standard – ABB’s 25-year Electricity and Fuel Price Outlook

Download the executive summary for a preview of the full Reference Case report.

A comprehensive plan for any new power project is core to its development and capital investments. That’s why having access to unbiased, actionable market insights and investment-grade forecasts is critical to mitigate risk and have full confidence in your decisions. ABB EPM Advisors Reference Case forecast includes power, natural gas, coal, emissions, renewable energy credit, and capacity prices.

  • Value power purchase agreements and generation assets against 25-year Market Clearing Price and capacity at 73 pricing hubs on an hourly, monthly and annual basis.
  • Make timely investment decisions based on latest fuel forward curves and recent market developments with our monthly updates to our forecasted energy price curves.
  • Assess your portfolio and strategically modify your capacity plan based on forecasted additions and retirements of traditional resources, transmission limits, distributed generation, peak demand growth, energy efficiency, energy storage, market seam issues and carbon scenarios.


The North American Power Reference Case is an assessment of conditions and trends in North American and regional power, fuels, and environmental markets. Forecasts of future conditions in these markets are based on fundamentals of demand and supply in the respective markets. ABB examines the interaction between fuel supply and demand, electric demand, and electric supply including current thermal and renewable additions and retirements, and environmental regulation to develop a forecast for all markets.



Video: Spring 2017 Energy Market Forecast: Preview of Key Changes & Potential Impacts
For more insight into what goes into the report, watch this 1-hour presentation, of the legislative, regulatory and economic assumptions contributing to environmental, power and fuels market price forecasts in the next release of the reference case.