Have you tried the Legend Designer?

Author: Velocity Suite GIS Analyst

This summer, the Velocity Suite Team released the new Legend Designer tool in EV Energy Map. Throughout the remainder of 2013 we held monthly Legend Designer trainings. Now we are checking back in to be sure everyone has had a chance to try the new tool and to attend a training session! If you would like an introduction to or more extensive training on the new Legend Designer, please contact us using the information to the right.

The EV Energy Map in Velocity Suite can be used to perform a wide variety of geospatial analyses to give you great insight into the energy market. It can also be used to create great looking maps. Want a great way to punch up the look of these maps? One way to do so is to use the new Legend Designer. The Legend Designer gives you the ability to completely customize your legends. In addition you can now use it to add multiple legends, text boxes, and images (think inset maps, charts, or company logos!) to your map. Once your legends are created, you can then use the Legend Manager to easily manage the visibility of the legends on your map, edit a legend, or delete it.

The Legend Designer guides you through the steps to make your legend and gives you many options for things like titles, subtitiles, orientation, fonts, borders, and backgrounds. It also allows you to control exactly what layers and themes appear in the legend, as well as which ranges are visible. Once the legend is created, you can then customize it by double-clicking on the legend to bring up the Customize Legend window. Using this window, you can customize the legend to your heart’s content, moving things around, adding text and images, resizing or removing sections, etc.
And you’re not strictly limited to “legends” – the Legend Designer tool can also be used to place other items on your map, such as inset maps or charts or descriptive text. Here are a few sample maps to give you some ideas of what can be done with this new tool:

The following map demonstrates the ability to embed charts and company logos into your map and legends as well as more creative ways to customize the legend box itself.
Purchased Coal
Bring images into your maps and/or legends as seen below.


Create overview maps to help define your location.


So have at it! Try out the Legend Designer, and before you know it, you’ll be making great-looking maps that will really showcase your analyses. As always, if you need any help, don’t hesitate to Contact Support.


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