Webcast: 2015 Energy Market Forecast

Preview of Key Market Changes

Author: ABB Advisors

EPM Advisors give a 1-hour presentation of the legislative and economic assumption factors contributing to environmental, power and fuels market price forecasts in the WECC, ERCOT, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast regions. Take this opportunity to hear our summary of new developments effecting energy price forecasts included in the release of the Advisors newest energy prices forecast, the Spring 2015 North American Power Reference Case. Our data and services help our clients:

  • Evaluate energy market opportunities
  • Value power generation assets
  • Access independent and unbiased energy price data and analyses
  • Increase confidence in investment decisions

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Presenters: Tom Sweet, Shilpa Kokate and Garrick Hoops
Date of Recording 3/20/2015