Webcast: EV Energy Maps: How to Tell a Better Story with Maps

Author: GIS Content Manager

Building a map that tells the story you want can be a difficult job. Luckily a variety of tools have been built into EV Energy Map to help that job go easier. With everything from baseline energy data layers to creating complex legends, EV Energy Map has what you need. Members of the Velocity Suite team at ABB highlighted important tools and techniques to not just make a map, but to make a good map that tells the story you want it to tell.


Topics include:

  • Heat Map – Create contour maps that help visualize data
  • Time Series Animator – See how your data changes over time
  • Custom Legends – Add flair and meaning to your legend
  • Data Imports – Link your proprietary data to ours
  • Virtual Layers – Maps that update themselves
  • And various cartographic techniques – Make presentation quality maps

Date: April 6, 2016
Duration: 1 hour
Format: WebEx & Teleconference
Speaker: Charles Gould – GIS Content Manager
Recorded Webcast: Click here