Webcast: Shale Production Volumes

Author: EV Fuels Natural Gas Anaylst

This webcast demonstrated how shale production was incorporated into two key datasets in the Velocity Suite.

EV Analysts analyzed how the shale plays have developed over the years and what was done to incorporate the relationship between production flows and the geographical location of the points and plays.

They also demonstrated how the user can analyze the data using the different tools provided in the Velocity Suite as well as provide insight into how we assigned the shale relationships.

US NG Infrastructure

You will learn:

  • How to retrieve shale production data from the Velocity Suite.
  • How the shale assignments were made.
  • Reserve margins and trends in the ISOs

We look forward to you viewing the webcast. Watch it Now!

Presenter: Andrew Colley
Date of Webcast: 8/06/2015 – 1:00 EST