Webinar: Anticipating impacts of FERC Order 825 on market participants

Impacts of FERC Order 825 on market participants (ISO-NE, PJM and MISO)

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FERC initiated Order 825 with the goals of aligning settlement and dispatch intervals by settling transactions at the same time interval that it dispatches energy, prices operating reserves and schedules intertie transactions. In addition, rules around shortage pricing have also changed.

If you’re currently participating in PJM, New England or MISO, then FERC Order 825 may directly impact your real-time and back office functions. Significant changes may arise in areas such as settlements and particularly in IT infrastructure with an increased volume of data, changes in storage requirements and reporting functions may need to be considered.

This webinar will review these impacts and provide an overview of previous sub-hourly implementations in other markets such as CAISO.  ABB will also outline recommendations for the upcoming changes in PJM and MISO, sharing best business practices to prepare for these challenges.

Come and join us in this three-part series, as we highlight the impact on market operations under the order and share our valuable experience in the markets that have undergone similar implementations.


Title: Anticipating Impacts of FERC Order 825

Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Time: 1:00 PM EDT

Duration: 1 hour

Format: GoToWebinar, Live & On-Demand

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