Webinar: Scenarios for the future generation mix in Poland

Scenarios for the future generation mix in Poland

Renewable capacity is booming among Western European countries, accompanied by the slow shift away from fossil fuels, such as coal, lignite or in some cases, even nuclear. Energy companies are adapting to increased environmental demands, as well as capturing the business opportunities in the renewable technology business.  These opportunities bring special interest to environmental issues, fossil fuels scarcity, as well as the GHG emissions intensification. All these factors are also addressed by the European Union policy towards climate change and environmental issues. EC directives, such as Winter Package, are being successively implemented and impose more and more limitations on the energy sector.

Meanwhile, EUA prices are also forecasted to steadily increase, which might turn out to be crucial for the emerging economies in Europe. All the above circumstances will be present in the energy sector for the coming years.

Europe has already launched its clean energy revolution, and it is only a matter of time before Poland has to face the question of how the energy sector can adapt. Numerous legislative changes, as well as Poland’s strong dependency on fossil fuels, encouraged ABB to perform a sensitivity analysis on how the energy sector would react to upcoming changes. Several additional scenarios were defined in order to capture the most vital trends on the European energy markets, for instance:

  • The EUA price increase,
  • Changes in interconnector capacity,
  • The planned establishment of the Capacity Market is also analyzed, as the solution to the “missing money” problem.

The results of the additional scenarios were compared against the Base Case scenario from the ABB Reference Case Report in order to identify the impact of these changes on the future energy sector development in Poland.

How can the energy sector in Poland adapt? We will share an overview of our findings during this presentation.

Key takeaways include:

  • Market impact of proposed legislative changes in Poland,
  • Sensitivity of Polish energy sector to EUA prices and other market developments,
  • Changes in the generation mix and their impact on prices.

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Date: Wednesday, 21 June 2017
Time: 1:00 PM BST
Duration: 1 hour
Format: GoToWebinar, Live & On-Demand

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