The Wind Blows Harder in Texas

Credit: AWEA
Texas has more wind-powered generation capacity than any other US state. Its 21,143 MW of installed capacity is more than the next three largest states (Iowa, Oklahoma, California) combined. And while natural gas still constitutes the largest single source of generation capacity in Texas with over 80,850 MW, wind-powered generation is making rapid gains; capacity has increased 99% between 2000 and 2016.

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Large-scale growth will continue; 5,660 MW is coming online through 2017 and a staggering 9,000 MW is proposed for 2018. The below chart helps visualize wind-powered capacity additions in Texas (black) vs. the next nine highest capacity states.

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Wind generation increased from approximately 7.7% of total generation in 2010 to 15.2% in 2016, nearly doubling in seven years.

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The panhandle region of Texas experiences high yearly wind speed averages peaking at around 13.2 mph. The Wind Farm Boundaries layer within the EV Energy Map contains construction data reported by the FAA. The boundaries represent proposed, operational and cancelled projects. The Velocity Suite also includes the FAA Windmills point layer, which represents individual turbines reported by FAA obstruction data.

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Notable Texas Wind Farms
• Roscoe Wind Farm, 781 MW
• Horse Hollow, 735.5 MW
• Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm, 662.5 MW
• Swinford Wind, 800 MW: online 2020
• Mariah Wind Project, 500 MW: online 2018
• Comanche Run Wind, 500 MW: online 2018
• Hale County Wind Energy, 478 MW: online 2019
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Kristie Krueger – GIS Analyst